Welcome to the Pastor's blog

This is my first blog, timed to launch with our brand new website. In my blogs, I hope to talk about spiritual matters and issues that relate to our relationship with God, with others and our world. Sometimes I'll muse about various and sundry things rattling in my head; sometimes I'll talk about church matters; sometimes I'll distill some thoughts from a recent sermon I've preached; and sometimes I'll journey down channels I have not even thought of yet.

One thing I won't talk about is politics or controversial issues among believers. I'll explain why in a later blog. But the short version is that I hope to encourage, enlighten and nourish my readers, not stir up negative passions. I hope you check in from time to time and finish each post loving God and loving people a little bit more and having greater love, joy, peace and hope than when you started reading.

Charles Sligh