When it snows…

Traffic in Snow1.jpg

GBC Winter Cancellation Policy

Bavaria does an extraordinary job of keeping snow and ice off the roads. In my 15 years in Grafenwoehr, there has never been a day I couldn’t safely get out from my village out in the country and get into town, nor have we ever cancelled a morning worship service.

Church service and event cancellations will be based on the official USAG Bavaria road conditions at this Web site. Here is our cancellations policy:

  • Sunday morning services will be cancelled only when the road conditions are BLACK.

  • Evening events and homegroups/small groups or special services will be cancelled when conditions are RED or BLACK.

That being said, weather conditions can vary by location, and different people have various levels of confidence driving in snow, so please exercise common sense and never jeopardize your family’s safety, and please drive carefully at all times.

Also, remember that German federal law mandates the use of winter tires when conditions are icy or snowy, which in Bavaria roughly means from November 1 until Easter.