Meet Pastor Chuck & Susan Sligh

Grace Baptist Church in Grafenwoehr Germany

Chuck and Susan Sligh have served the Lord in full-time ministry since 1977. They have ministered in ministry with U.S. Military personnel and their families since 1986 in Wiesbaden, Germany; Bicester, England; and now in Grafenwoehr, Germany, ministering to the Grafenwoehr Tower Barracks and Vilseck Rose Barracks military communities, as well as reaching out to Germans and Koreans with multi-cultural, multi-lingual services and Bible studies.

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Chuck served as associate pastor at two churches from 1977-1982, where he received valuable training for the ministry. From the time of university graduation onward, Susan taught in various locations at elementary, high school, and college levels.

In 1982, the Slighs surrendered serve God in military overseas missions. After raising their support, Chuck pastored an off-post military church for ten years in Wiesbaden, where over 500 people made professions of faith for salvation and followed the Lord in believer’s baptism, and 26 families or singles surrendered to full-time service and are ministering around the world in various places today. Susan was a vital part of this ministry, supervising the nursery, and devising a unique ladies ministry that has served as a model for other churches.

In 1997, Chuck and Susan followed God’s calling to take a struggling church in Bicester, England. A former U.S. military church, over the course of seven years it became a predominantly English church, and in 2003 they turned the reigns of a healthy, growing church over to a missionary to English nationals, and is now thriving under a British pastor.

In February 2003, Baptist International Missions, Inc., the Slighs’ sponsoring agency, asked them to consider starting an American church to minister in Grafenwoehr. After seeing the need, and praying earnestly for God’s will, the Slighs moved to Grafenwoehr for this task. In September 2003, they held their first Bible study in Graf, which formed the core of believers that became the Grace Baptist Church. In 2006 they purchased the present facility, which was paid for in 2016, leaving the church completely debt-free.

Chuck and Susan have three sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and two precious grandchildren!

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